Plastic 24/7 5-AXLE simultaneous milling of serial production

Downtime in our Milling Department has been reduced to an absolute minimum with 0-point tensioning systems and extensive computerisation. We want to avoid redundant conversion and get straight to milling. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to continue production 24/7. By placing various components in one plate, we enable unmanned manufacturing on our 4000×2000 mm vacuum table.

single-unit plastic MILLING

Single units and small batches are produced by our team of experts with the highest level of care.


JMBA supplies the food industry with EU and USA-certified products. We preserve the traceability and quality throughout the entire production chain. The manufacturing process is recorded in procedures and is produced in accordance with the following standards. Certified material, traceable throughout the complete production chain, is produced according to GMP (EU) No 10/2011-1282/2011 and (EU) No 1935/2004 and in accordance with (FDA) No CFR 21$177.1520. Our manufacturing processes the certified materials according to GMP (EU) No 2023/2006 of 22 December 2006.


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